Mount System
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The Origins of Mount
Within the land of Armia are certain animals that are tamed and domesticated. As mankind’s domain extends gradually, these animals have now become the best forms of human transportation. In time, the vital roles of these animals have increased phenomenally. Due to rising demands, a new kind of job is formed in Armia. The people in Armia have become adept in hunting wild and animal training, as they now make their livelihood by selling these animals that can be ridden.
Mount System
There are 8 species of animals and 10 types of horses which can be used as mount.
Mounts help to increase the player’s battle dexterity, attack capability and movement speed, depending on
what mount/pet you have.
When using a mount, it will have different intensity in the level of power in attack, magic attack, dodging
speed, defense level and others
Growth System
At the start, it will not be possible to ride the mount. It has to undergo the complete stage development from
egg to a foal.
To complete the transformation of egg to foal, ‘Oriharukon Powder’ or ‘Laktorerium Powder’ is needed.
The foal will grow stronger and bigger whenever you kill monsters.
After completing the development stage of the mount, its attack and magic power also increases.
Where To Equip The Mount
The Egg or mount is equipped at the top left portion of the Equipment Menu. All of the mount’s effect (food consumption, experience and mount effect) will be shown at the portion where the egg or mount is being equipped.
When mount is being ridden, its HP can be tracked thru the orange bar in the interface.