Repletion System
What’s a Repletion system?
If you don’t like your armors’ options, you can change its additional options by making use of the Repletion system. The lower the level of armor grade, the higher the probability that the armor will be refined and imbued with good options; however, when the level of the armor is high, the probability of repletion will get lower.
Repletion’s Combine
The Repletion stone makes it possible to refine armors even those of different classes.
To use the Repletion stone, the armor must be in your inventory.
You cannot refine your armor when the armor is equipped in your character or if it is in your cargo.
Image | Grade | Price | Probability to Succeed in refinement | Probability to Get Good Option | Seller
A 100,000 Gold Very High Very High Smith in the
Armia Town
(2144 – 2116)
B 300,000 Gold High High Neptus, Reimers,
Ropelion and
Luvian in the
Erion Town
(2465 – 1994)
C 800,000 Gold Normal Normal Lainy, Smith,
Rapein and
Arnod in the
Azran Town
(2467 – 1689)
(2497 – 1689)
D Low Low Premium Nell
E Very Low Very Low Premium Nell
Before you use the Repletion in your armor, check the Repletion Stone grade and your armor’s grade.
Shield, weapon and accessories cannot be refined.
When you have succeeded refining your armors, the additional option will be created randomly.
When you refine using Repletion, you can get ‘non-refine’ option randomly.