What’s an upgrader
Akeronia and Hekalotia Kingdoms’ wise men discovered a great ore that can be
used to greatly refine an armor or a weapon. But there are drawbacks on using
this rare and expensive ore, the armors and weapons might degrade or even break.Until now, wise men from both Kingdoms are trying to discover on how to use
the great ores without any drawbacks.
Upgrader System
This system is for upgrading +11 God armors and weapons’ option and above by using upgrader.
Image | Option Type | Maximum Option | Price | NPC
Damage Weapon 81, Armor 42 100M
Maigc Attack Weapon 36%, Armor 14%
Critical Armor 9%
Defense Armor 70
Only can be used for +11 God armors and weapons and above.
There is no message when you fail or succeed.
When you fail item’s option will not change or decrease by certian probability.
If the item has maximum or minimum option, the upgrader can not be used.