What is citizenship
Being a citizen of a certain server may help you inside the game.
There are different benefits you may acquire.
You may talk to NPC Civil delegate of Armia town on your desired server.
How to obtain citizenship
To obtain a citizenship into a server you may talk to NPC Civil Delegate at Armia Town.
Mortal character regitration fee : Free(But, if you talk to Civil Delegate, you have to pay)
God character regitration fee : (Level+200) x 10,000 Gold
Celetial character re regitration fee : (Level+400) x 10,000 Gold
* You can check your citizenship by using “/character name”
* If you log in at your citizen server, notice will appear “You’re citizen of this server. You got xx drop bonus.”
Benefits of Citizenship
If you hunt your citizen server, you will get additional 10% of the normal drop rate.
If the bonus reaches 80%, gained experience will increase.
Increasing citizen drop rate
If Kephra were killed, a bonus drop rate of 20% will be added on that server.
Every 100,000,000 experience gained by a citizen, 1% bonus drop rate will be added.
Citizenship withdrawal
You may withdraw your citizenship by simply typing this commend “/getout”
If you didn’t hunt at your citizen server, you will not be able to gain benefits.
God/Celestial character can buy items from npc at any server but can only sell items at citizen server.
For mortal characters, if you withdraw your citizenship and reconnect at different server you will be automatically become a citizen of that server.