Two Kingdoms
Since time immemorial, the people were bunched in the same village and guided by the same rules. However, when they learned more and more about their history and relics from the ancient times, they started to discover more about their ancestors who were the being refer as the “Upper-Class Peoples”. They also uncovered more about death, heaven and the unknown beings found in the underworld. Eventually, many humans developed a stronger faith and their trust in God. Unfortunately, they have been separated into two groups, a group who wants to be forever faithful to one God and another group who aspires to dominate the heaven and earth.
Because of this, their different faiths lead them to separate their rules and form two new systems and established their own kingdoms which are the “Hekalotia” and “Akeronia” Kingdom.
How to Join a Kingdom
Applicants must be at lest Level 220.Once a player attains level 220 and wishes to join a kingdom, the King will
ask for the joining fees in the form of the Sapphire.
The amount of Sapphire to be paid depends on the numbers of Knights the Kingdom has.
For those who have joined and already own a cape when they reach level 256, paying a sum of Sapphire will
entitle them to change to a cape with a higher power (Apprentice Cape, Champions Cape). The amount of
Sapphire to be paid is once again based on the numbers of Knights the Kingdom owns.
How to Secede from a Kingdom
When players want to leave his original kingdom to join another kingdom, a separation fee of 16 pieces of
Sapphire must be paid first to the current Kingdom. The separation fees must be paid to the kingdom’s
management NPC (Royal Manager).
After leaving a kingdom, the player will be distinguished with a white cape.
The procedures for joining another kingdom will be exactly the same as before.