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102 7.56~7.57 Patch Details 2011-02-11 17:31:37


Sorry for the delayed posting of this update details. These are still incomplete and we encourage you to view this post regularly for changes and additional topics.

Also, WYDians can submit their own observation about the changes/updates they encounter in our current patch to our Q&A Section, and we will include them here in our post.


Patch 7.56~7.57 Version - Update Details

1.) Unique Items. These non-tradable items can be bought from the Fame Merchants of each Kingdom and only Celestial/Soul/Hardcore Characters are allowed to equip them. Your character must have 5,000 Fame Points and equipped +11 God Item. After talking to the Fame Merchant, your equipped +11 God Item and 5,000 Fame Points will disappear and you will get a +0 Unique Item within your Inventory. The options of your +11 God Item will be transferred to the +0 Unique Item.

As of now, +0 Unique Items are not available for upgrading.

2.) Procedures on choosing the challenger:
The standard selection of challengers in Guild War is based first in the Guild's Kingdom, and then the amount of Guild Fame bid and remained.

Red-Kingdom Guild A owns Armia Guild Zone
Red-Kingdom Guild B bids with 1,000 Guild Fame
Blue-Kingdom Guild C bids with 500 Guild Fame
Blue-Kingdom Guild D bids with 700 Guild Fame

In this case, the chosen challenger is Blue-Kingdom Guild D.

  • Only Guild Leaders can bid during Saturdays.
  • Any Guild with cape similar to the Guild Zone owner will fail on bidding.
  • Voucher of Courage must be equipped while bidding. This item will not disappear after successful bid. Guild Leader must acquire Voucher of Courage personally by killing the opposite King.
  • Guild Leader must have 10M Gold in inventory. This amount will not be deducted after successful bid.
  • Guild must maintain at least 600 Guild Fame for their bid to be accepted.
  • Each bid, whether successful or not, will deduct 100 Guild Fame.
  • The successful bidder with the highest Guild Fame remaining will be chosen as the Challenger.
3.) Skill Revision:
Slow Slash is transferred from Faith Mastery to Magic Mastery. It is now affected by the Magic Mastery's 8th skill.
Double Swing is transferred from Magic Mastery to Faith Mastery.
Luster Finish also gives "Slow" debuff randomly.
Rescue is not cancelled after using other buff skills.
All Magic Mastery Skills' delay cast time reduced by 1.
Mana Shield, upon using it, will consume 50% of total Mana. Still has the same effects before, which is absorbing parts of the damage taken to Mana, but Mana Cost on using other skills will be doubled.
Flash' delay cast time changed from 8 seconds to 15 seconds.
Bless Revival will not consume all Mana anymore.
Mana Burn's delay cast time changed from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
All Element Mastery skills will have their damage improved after learning the 8th skill and will cause more damage in Mana on Foemas under Mana Shield (buff) and Mana Burn (debuff).
Hide In Shadow is not cancelled while using other buff/skill, not unless you attack.
Flanking Chance' damage is improved.
4.) New Mount System. Each piece of mount's feed will heal a mount's HP by 100%. However, the risky part is mounts will die when the character riding them was killed. When mounts die, they lose a random number of Life Expectancy.

5.) New UI. Most of our NPCs particularly those who were involved on combination/enchantments, item-creation and unsealing level limit has a new UI. The changes are intended to make it simple and easier for players to understand.

NPC: Ehre
Location: Erion Town
Creating Oriharukon Powder
Creating Mystery Stone Creation
Enchanting Option to Spirit Stone
Enchanting Option to Amunra Stone
Creating Mount Growth Stabilizer
Upgrading Bless Refining
Creating Costumed Mount
Restoring Original Mount
Changing Soul Type

NPC: Ailine
Location: Azran Town
+10 Item Enchantment

NPC: Compounder
Location: Azran Town
Ancient System

NPC: Akata
Location: Azran Town
God Class Armor Combination

NPC: Tainy
Location: Carden (Nifleheim Continent)
God Class Weapon Combination

NPC: Shany
Location: Carden (Nifleheim Continent)
Spirit Stone Combination

NPC: Lindy
Location: Neutral Zone (between Akeronia and Hekalotia)
Birth of Light Warrior I
Birth of Light Warrior II

NPC: Refiner Odin
Location: Unknown Continent
Unsealing Celestial Items
+12~+15 Item Enchantment
Creating Clue of Runes
Restrained People I
Restrained People II / Secret of Runes
Creating Crystal Form
Upgrading Celestial Cape

NPC: Dedekinto
Location: Unknown Continent
Creating Amunra Stone

6.) Removed items. Oriharukon Alchemy and Laktorerium Alchemy are not available anymore from NPC Mei in Snowfield.

7.) CP. CP will be deducted if you kill players wearing the same Kingdom Cape. Killing players of the opposite Kingdom will no longer reduce CP.
8.) Character Sealing. Level 1 God Characters can now be sealed.

May the Blessing of Sephira be with us!!!

-WYD Global Team

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