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23 7.55 Patch Coming SOON! 2009-08-28 15:17:42


Game Update in WYD Global 7.55 Version

1. New Quest For Celestial Character
2. Compounding Celestial Armors and Weapons is now available
3. New Game user Interface
4. New mounts
5. Mega Potion
6. Additional Costume
7. Kephra's drop item will be change
8. Level Limit in Nightmare will be deleted
9. Additional penalty when a hardcore character died
10. When a character died in unknown continent it will be teleported back to town
11. Celestial Character are not allowed to make harcore character anymore
12. Revision of Runes Quest
13. Additional Premium item in Merchant Nell
14. When a character equip Gold/Silver angel while in hunting mode oriharukon or laktorerium powder will put together automatically.

The above informations may change without prior notice. Please wait for further details about this 7.55 Version.

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