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22 7.54 Patch Detailed! 2009-02-26 18:55:27


System and Game Updates in 7.54 Patch:

1.Hardcore Character with different appearance

Procedure in making Hardcore Character

There are two different ways in making Hardcore Character one is using your Celestial character and other one is by using your God character.

a.) How to make hardcore character using Celestial character?

♦ 100 fame + equip the Eternal Stone then right click the ideal stone
♦ Hardcore character will have same status with your celestial character
♦ All skills of the celestial character will retain

b.) How to make hardcore character using god character?

♦ God character must be level 355 and below (level 1-355)
♦ Right click the Ideal stone using your god character
♦ God character will be changed to hardcore character
♦ Hardcore character will become level 1 regardless the level of your god character
♦ Skills that you learned will be reset except soul of limits
♦ You can create hardcore character even without completing God Quest (An Oath with the Spirit)
♦ Hardcore character can still complete God Quest (An Oath with the spirit)
♦ But before you can complete God Quest your experience must be 2 billion and above. After completing the god quest 500 fame and 20 million experiences will be deducted.
♦ God character wearing a circlet can’t create hardcore character.

Hardcore character features

♦ Hardcore exclusive circlet
- Defense increase 250 (Max Hp increase 20%, Max Mana increase 20%, Unable to equip and unequipped)
♦ Hardcore character doesn’t need to do level 40/level 90 unsealing quest
♦ Hardcore exclusive circlet can be upgrade:
- must have 100 fame the click on God Government in Noatun town the circlet will be upgraded to + 1 with 100 % probability rate, you can upgrade using this method until +9
♦ Hardcore character will become mortal character level 1 if were killed by another player in PK area. Hardcore character will not become mortal character if were killed by a monster or other player in PK Arena.
♦ Your hardcore character will get extra 1000 kill points once u killed another player in PK area.
♦ Hardcore character cannot use switch stones like (Master and Slave stone)
♦ Once a hardcore character was killed during GW, hardcore character will become level 1 mortal character.
♦ You cannot seal your God or even your celestial character once you have hardcore character in your account.
♦ Hardcore character can enter nightmare area even level 121 and above, but hardcore character must use nightmare letter.
♦ Hardcore character will have different appearance exclusively for hardcore character only.
♦ If a celestial character has a soul character on it and wishes to create a hardcore character the soul character will be retained. If you’re celestial character doesn’t have a soul character you can use hardcore character to create soul character.

2. Celestials Stats Quest

♦ Only Celestial character that was already completed the Arcane Circlet Quest with 4 Billion experiences and above.

♦ Celestial character needs 1,000 fame and stone of fury. After clicking stone of fury 1,000 fame and 20 million experience points will be deducted then you can get 200 stats points.

♦ If you make celestial character when God character was level 400, you can complete the quest 3 times. If you make celestial character when God character is not level 400, you can get bonus stats by using 5 million experience points and 1,000 fame after that you can complete Celestial Stats quest.

3. Celestial character can now complete the God Quest (An Oath with the Spirit)

♦ Celestial character with 2 Billion experience points or above

♦ Same procedure with God Quest (An Oath with the Spirit), after completing the quest 500 fame and 20 million experience points will be deducted.

♦ Celestial character can still complete the God Quest (An Oath with the Spirit) if a players forgot to complete the quest when the character is still a God.

4. Soul Character's class change system

♦ Sefirot, 2000 fame

♦ Soul character need 2,000 fame and equip Sefirot that you want to change. Click NPC Urnamu in the unknown continent.

Note: Previous soul character stat points and Sephira Skill learned will be remain. Only celestial character can complete this quest, hardcore and celestial class can’t be change.

5. Guild War Challenge System changed

Challenge Guild War:

Before:For 24 hours on Saturday. Min bid is 50 million of gold and the maximum is 2 billion gold

After:For 24hours on Saturday, guild needs to have at least a minimum of 100 Guild fame.

Challenger Selection:

Before: On 7.53 patches the guild must bid in time in order to be chosen as a guild challenger.

After: After 7.54 patch the challenger will be chosen by guild fame and time but this time no more gold involved

6. Channel War System change

♦ When your channel endless tower was destroyed by another channel, all your channel war will be reset and if your channel endless tower was destroyed by another channel you cannot attack another channel.

Note: Even your channel declared war to another tower, you can’t attack another channel once your channel endless tower was occupied by another channel.

7. Lock System or Dial Pad

♦ Dial pad is new character lock system for security
♦ In character selection users will see a dial pad or numbers from 0-9
♦ Numbers in the dial pad will appear randomly every time you login, in first login after the 7.54 patch users need to set password before you can enter the game, you can choose number from 0-9 between 4-6 digits.
♦ Make sure that you won’t forget the password that you input when the first time you login your account after 7.54 patches.
♦ When you input wrong lock code, just click cancel button then input the correct lock code.
♦ To change your lock code you need to input your current password then click on change button then input the new one.

8. Citizen Cape Design Removed

9. New Items:

Unique Items:

Dragon - Only guild leader of guild that is the owner of Noatun town with the highest number of guild fame can get this mount.

Unique Crown - Only guild leader of guild that is the owner of Noatun can get this unique crown and basic upgrade is +9, but can be upgrade until +15 through guild fame.

Mana Jewel - Half of users MP will convert to HP (It will not effect for Soul of Limits).

Revival Scroll - When you were killed by another player or by a monster while you are in a CC mode of hunting and you got a revival scroll in your inventory you will be revive and you will go back the same place where you were killed by another player or by a monster.

Arcane Circlet

♦ Celestial character level 200 or Soul character level 200 + 500 fame + Mystic Circlet
♦ Put 4 kinds of secrete stone and stone of fury in the inventory and equip mystic circlet then click on stone of Fury. It will success by a certain probability.

Success: All items will disappear and 500 fame will be deducted Mystic circlet will be changed to Arcane circlet and upgrade and option will be remained.

Failure: All items will disappeared except Mystic circlet and 500 fame will be deducted.

Note: You can complete Arcane Circlet quest only once, but once you failed in making your circlet into +12 or above circlet will disappeared/destroy but you can still complete arcane circle quest until you succeeded.

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