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21 WYD Global 7.54 Update! 2009-02-16 12:03:41


Attention All Wydians

WYD Global 7.54 Update is about to launch soon!

Here are some System and Game Update for the new upcoming patch:

1. Hardcore Character with different appearance
2. Celestial character can get extra STAT points by completing required quest.
3. Celestial character can now complete the God Quest (An Oath with the Spirit)
4. Soul Character's class can be change
5. Guild War Challenge System change
6. Channel War System change
7. Lock System
8. Citizen Cape design change
9. New Items:
- Unique Items: Dragon and Crown
- Mana Jewel
- Revival Scroll
- Arcane Circlet

Please wait for detailed information about the System and Game updates for the upcoming patch..

NOTE: The information above may change anytime without prior notice.

Thank you and happy gaming!

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